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LUMEN has passed the first three years evaluation process

LUMENs Center status extended with another three years.

Fortunately, there will be a continuous need for our LUMEN mugs.


The School of Culture and Society, who awards centre status to promising research groups, has just finished its first three years evaluation process. In LUMEN’s case, the department had no remarks or reservations at all, besides praise for our “fine report” and a good luck with our many activities. We will do our very best to live up to this.

Due to the Corona Crisis our activities are relocated to study rooms and online meetings. We hope to be able to present new inspiring seminars and conferences, when the crisis is over. Our next big event will be the concluding conference for the collective research project “Lutheranism and Danish societal development,” led by Associate Professor Nina Koefoed and funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark. The conference is supported by the Independent Research Fund Denmark, the Carlsberg Foundation, and School of Culture and Society. The conference will take place May 30-June 1, 2021. Please save the dates.

Further information can soon be found on our website.