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LUMEN WORKSHOP: Eucharist – presence – mediality: an ecumenical exploration of online Eucharist celebrations

The online workshop will address and discuss the questions that digital sacramental practices give rise to from an ecumenical perspective, with contributions from Reformed, Roman-Catholic and Lutheran theologians.

07.02.2021 | Bjarke Hellemann Weiss

Dato ons 24 mar
Tid 09:30 15:30
Sted ZOOM (link will be provided)

When government restrictions following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic shut down public religious services all over the world in 2020, the use of digital and analogue media (live stream, zoom, traditional TV and radio) in order to transmit religious services increased rapidly on every continent. In the Lutheran churches in Scandinavia, the important question arose, whether the Lord’s Supper can be legitimately celebrated online, in the sense that people consume bread and wine at home, which has been consecrated in an electronically mediated way. The question is not new, but has sporadically been discussed in relation to services broadcasted on TV and radio. During the spring 2020 lockdown, however, this important theological and pastoral question gained a pressing actuality, and especially Protestant denominations worldwide are discussing the issue. A range of important dogmatic topics are related to the question: What is a sacrament? What does the materiality of the sacrament mean? What is the importance of the physically gathered community as the context for the celebration of the Eucharist? Is it possible – and to which degree – to mediate materiality and community electronically? What are the ecumenical implications, when some denominations (or member churches within a denomination) adopt online Eucharistic practices?

In this workshop, we will address the questions raised above from an ecumenical perspective with contributions from Reformed, Roman Catholic and Lutheran theologians.

The workshops is arranged by a project group under LUMEN: Center for the Study of Lutheran Theology and Confessional Societies (Aarhus University) and associate professor Jakob Egeris Thorsen.



09.30              Welcome and practical information (Dr. Jakob Egeris Thorsen, Aarhus University)

09.45             “The discussion about online Eucharist in Scandinavia” (Dr. Jette B. Rønkilde, Aarhus University)

10.00              “A Reformed perspective on the Eucharist, digitalization, mediality and presence” (Dr. Katrin Kusmierz, Universität Bern)

11.00             Coffee break

11.15              “Eine katholische Perspektive auf Eucharistie, Gegenwart und Medialität – with handout in English“ (Prof. Jan-Heiner Tück, Universität Wien) 

12.20             Lunch break

13.00             “This is my Body … a Lutheran perspective on the Eucharist, digitalization, mediality and presence” (Prof. Alexander Deeg, Universität Leipzig)

13.45              response by Bo K. Holm

14.00             Discussion

14.30             Coffee break

14.45             “Discussion starter: Ecumenical implications of online communion practices” (Jakob Egeris Thorsen)

15.00             Discussion (moderated by Dr. Jette B. Rønkilde, Aarhus University)

15.30              End.

Registration at lumen@cas.au.dk

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