11.01.2019 | Presse

LUMEN Publishes its Second Annual Report

LUMEN has now existed two years as a research center. The interdisciplinary approach, which defines the LUMEN-Center, has proven highly rewarding as it connects different academic disciplines to the benefit of both the invol­ved disciplines and the overall discussion of the relation between religion and societal change. To read or download the…

23.10.2018 | Seminar

Symposium on Confession and Social Responsibility: Call for Papers!

The Reformation brought about a major societal shift in the areas of poor relief, and caring for the sick. The responsibility for these groups shifted from the church to the state. At the same time, people who now lived in these post-reformation societies could no longer buy indulgences through alms. How far can these considerable changes in the…

05.09.2018 | lumen

Masterclass and seminar with Prof. Alexandra Walsham: Call for Papers

In connection to the masterclass and seminar with Prof. Alexandra Walsham (Cambridge University) on the 12th and 13th of December 2018, the LUMEN-centre invites junior scholars (PhD students/postdoc fellows/assistant professors) to submit proposals concerning their ongoing or future projects for a masterclass and a roundtable discussion. Deadline…