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LUMEN publishes its seventh annual report

This New Year marks the seventh anniversary of the LUMEN centre. Over the past year we have been busy finalising publications for the projects that have just come to an end. One volume has already been published as number 100 in the R5AS series, of which we are very proud. Two more volumes from collaborative projects will be published next year. Nina J. Koefoed has started her amazing work on digitising some 130,000 petitions from the period of Danish Absolutism - an extraordinary source of research material. In March she was Carlsberg scholar of the month. In March Bo Kristian Holm organized a collaborative workshop between TARF and the Nordic Luther Network at the Sandbjerg Gods, and gave a keynote on the early and the late Luther, later to be published in Lutherjahrbuch. In May at the annual REFORC conference Nina J. Koefoed gave a key note with the title “The Lutheran Household – a Social and Institutional Legacy in Danish Society”, and former post.doc. in LUMEN Maria Nørby Pedersen presented her ongoing postdoctoral work in a plenary session: “Taking Care of the Poor through Poor Relief Legislation in Early Modern Denmark”.

This year Nina J. Koefoed has also been promoted to full professor and will give her inaugural lecture on 8. March. Bo Holm has begun organising the 15th International Congress for Luther Research, which will take place in Aarhus in August 2026. 70 years after the first Luther congress, also in Aarhus. Just before Christmas, the Carlsberg Foundation awarded Bo Holm a Monograph Fellowship for the project "The Consolation of Theology in Luther's and Melanchthon's Later Writings".

Read more in the report.