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Associate Professor of Liturgy, Jette Bendixen Rønkilde become honorary associate professor at Aarhus University

On the recommendation of the Dean of Faculty of Arts, Jette Bendixen Rønkilde is awarded with the title of honorary associate professor associated with the Department of Theology for the period 2024-2029.

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Jette Bendixen Rønkilde is Denmark's leading capacity in the fields of liturgical theology, empirical ritual research and lived religion. On a daily basis, she is an associate professor of liturgy at ELCD’s Centre for Education and Research in Aarhus.

Rønkilde's ability to combine her three research areas with a historical perspective makes her a very attractive partner for both Practical Theology and the LUMEN center, where she has already joined the steering committee.

Rønkilde holds an Master of Theology from the University of Copenhagen and received her PhD from Aarhus University with a dissertation on liturgical theology in Grundtvig. Since then, she has held two postdoc positions at the Department of Theology in Aarhus, partly supported by the Independent Research Council of Denmark and partly as part of a collective research project on sacrament and society in the LUMEN center on a grant from the Aarhus University Research Foundation. During this period, she also received strategic network funding from Aarhus University for the interdisciplinary network: "EPCOT - Eucharistic, political, organizational transformations before, during and after the reformation".

In connection with her honorary associate professorship, Jette Bendixen Rønkilde will, among other things, participate in research collaboration with researchers at the Department of Theology and the School of Culture and Society, give lectures, participate in courses and PhD supervision, be a part of the assessment committee and contribute to the further development of the LUMEN Center's research profile.

Jakob Egeris Thorsen, Head of Department at the Department of Theology, states: "I am very pleased that we can now associate Jette Bendixen Rønkilde with the department, which she knows well, for a longer period of time. This is a great addition for all of us. Jette is an important resource, both for the research group for empirical and practical theology and for LUMEN. Finally, Jette is a good colleague who I also look forward to working with on a personal level."

Bo Kristian Holm, Head of Center of LUMEN: "Center for the Study of Lutheran Theology and Confessional Societies, states: "At LUMEN, we are very pleased to be able to link Jette Bendixen Rønkilde even closer to the center through an honorary associate professorship. She has already made a very constructive contribution to the center's work through her rare combination of disciplines, and we look forward to continuing and expanding this collaboration through a more formal affiliation."

Jette Bendixen Rønkilde states: "I am very honored to have been appointed as honorary associate professor. I am grateful for the recognition of and continued commitment to the solid collaboration between Theology at Aarhus University and ELCD’s Centre for Education and Research and look forward to continue to engage in inspiring and fruitful research collaboration within the field of practical theology and LUMEN.

The date for Jette Rønkilde's inaugural lecture will be announced later.