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LUMEN publishes regularly new blog entries on theoretical, methodical, and empirical elements of its ongoing research.

Altarpiece from Torslunde Church outside Copenhagen, 1561. It depicts the reconfigures Sunday Service in the Danish Lutheran State Church. 
Currently on display at the National Museum in Copenhagen.

2018.06.04 | Research

Practicing theory – how contemporary theory can illuminate 500-year-old liturgical texts

One very famous result of the Reformation is often summed up in the statement that Luther helped reemphasize the congregation as the centre of Eucharistic practice. Most discourse on the subject highlights this transformation as a theological change but applying contemporary practice theory can help to reveal that the change is also performative…

The Ten Commandments. Lucas Cranach d. Ältere (1516)

2018.04.16 | Research

Why Early Modern historians should know their catechism

The first blog-entry is written by historian Nina Javette Koefoed. She reflects on the value of a more specific knowledge of theology, in this case the catechism, to her research on household, authority and socio-emotional relations.

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