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Tue 09 Mar
08:15-09:45 | ZOOM
LUMEN morning meeting
Programme will follow
Wed 24 Feb
13:00-15:00 | ZOOM
Publishing event: "Den sete kirke - Festschrift for Carsten Bach-Nielsen
In 2020, Carsten Bach-Nielsen retired from his position as an associate professor of church history at Aarhus University. In the festschrift, "Den sete kirke", Bach-Nielsen's work on church history is honored by 20 scholars and one artist.
Tue 23 Feb
08:15-09:45 | ZOOM
LUMEN morning meeting
Confessional perspectives on the handling of COVID-19.
Wed 18 Nov
09:00-17:00 | University of Uppsala
ZOOM WORKSHOP: The Parish as a Place for Lived Religion and Social Interaction
This workshop explores the parish as a social unit and as a place for lived religion during the early modern era. The workshop targets liturgy, devotional practices, emotions, reading cultures, spiritualties and educational practices as expressions of religious life within the Lutheran parish. The local life of the Church as an area of conflict is also an important theme. This workshop, which focuses on the parish, is the first in a series of three workshops. The other two workshops will focus on the realm and the household respectively.
Fri 06 Nov
13:15-16:00 | 1453-415
In the Early Modern as well as Modern society, correct, desirable or unwanted conduct from persons in different positions of authorities is often connected with specific emotions. Lutheran authorities were also expected to express and perform proper emotions related to specific deeds and situations. In this workshop, we will investigate and discuss the implications of these connections between authority and emotions based not only on Luther’s writing but also on political texts, legislation and other pertinent sources.
Mon 19 Oct
08:30-10:00 | 1453-415
Breakfast meeting
Program følger
Fri 09 Oct
08:30-10:00 | 1561-516
Breakfast meeting
Matleena Sopanen, Doctoral student from Tampere University, and guest scholar at LUMEN, September-November. ”Licensed lay preachers of the Lutheran Church of Finland, c. 1870–1923”
Fri 02 Oct
15:00-17:00 | 1461-516
LUMEN LECTURE: ”A sermon preach’d at the churchynge of a matron”
The Ritual of Churching of Women after Childbirth in Lutheran Denmark Lecture by Mette M. Ahlefeldt-Laurvig, D.Phil (Oxford)
Mon 21 Sep
08:30-10:00 | 1453-415
Breakfast meeting
Mette Ahlefeldt-Laurvig, dr. phil. fra Oxford University, Gæsteforsker hos LUMEN, september-oktober 2020 ”Kirketagningsritualer og sognepræsternes introduktionsord”
Mon 07 Sep
08:30-10:00 | 1451-415
Breakfast meeting
Mattias Skat Sommer, ph.d. fra AU, Carlsberg-post.doc. i Göttingen ”Hvad var tolerance? Ikke-luthersk indvandring til Slesvig-Holsten i 1600- og 1700-tallet”

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