The EPCOT network

EPCOT (Eucharistic, Political and Cultural Organizational Transformation before, during and after the Reformation) is an inter-disciplinary network based at the LUMEN Centre, with affiliated researchers from Aarhus BSS and the fields of theology, history, art history, law, the history of ideas and philosophy. The goal of the network is to explore how the Eucharist can be understood as a model for organising society (for instance) centrally or decentrally. This is a trans-confessional study in which confessional cultures other than Lutheranism will also be examined. The ambition is to contribute to a new understanding of collaborative ethics, virtues and political and cultural organisation methods. The grant makes it possible to invite leading international researchers in this field to come to Denmark with a view to contributing to new perspectives and theories internationally. The network is managed by Jette Bendixen Rønkilde, who is a postdoc student.